Friday, October 15, 2010

CWG New Delhi 2010 - was it a success?

All over - newspapers ,media and of course the officials are all raving about the 'success' of the CWG . Just 2 weeks ago they were all at it with daggers .What changed ? Actually , nothing ! The real problem is most people have no clue on how to define success , neither do they know what is required to make the games successful .

Let us start from first principles - in order to define success - what were the games expected to deliver ? What was the job of the Organizing committee along with the host govt with the support of the Intl federation ?
  • First - to set up best in class facilities for conducting international level events in sports .
  • Second - to provide comfort and ease for participants and spectators
  • Third - to provide some amount of entertainment especially visitors to the host country .
Wait a minute ! is winning ( or losing ) by the host country or an other country a mark of success for the games ??? - No at all - That is not a success factor for the games !

On all the above 3 areas - the only area which could be considered successful is the entertainment - Thankfully this was handled by professionals - who had history of conducting such events for the movie world and so it worked well.

What went wrong with the first and second category? they were not given to professionals - an event of this magnitude cannot be handled by bureaucrats and politicians ( more so with so much of opportunities for corruption ) .

Sadly project management took a back seat - obviously with vcry little processes in place . Instead of having professionals do the job - - it was mistakenly thought it we could pull it off by routine management .

There is no sense in falsely patting ourselves for our extraordinary ability to handle crisis and making 'jugaad' a practice for everything . At what cost , stress and quality ?(not to leave out bad publicity )

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